In 1731, the lord of the city of Saint-Même-les-Carrières participated with the inhabitants at the costs of rehabilitation of the keystone of the Sainte-Maxime church, he will affix his arms. This is how the stonemason produced two escutcheons, all topped with a crown with a fleuron. Identical for three centuries, this double shield is now part of the brand's identity. 

Croizet's legacy has continued over the years and until today.

Our story

Everything begins in 1805.

Léon Croizet who belonged to a family of vineyard owners established in Grande. Champagne since the 16th Century, wanted to create his own Cognac House to compete with the 20 other or so houses that had recently been established.

Fine connoisseur and hard working, this former Sommelier to Napoleon I's High Command, founded the company, that carries his name, based in St Même les Carrières.

Notre histoire

Tout commence en 1805.

Au début, il y avait un rêve.
Simon Croizet, qui appartenait à une famille de propriétaires de vignes établie en Grande Champagne depuis le XVIe siècle, souhaitait créer sa propre Maison de Cognac pour concurrencer la vingtaine d'autres maisons qui venaient d'être créées.

Fin connaisseur et travailleur, cet ancien sommelier du Haut Commandement de Napoléon Ier a fondé l'entreprise qui porte encore aujourd'hui son nom.



In 1871, the founder’s grandson, Benjamin Léon Croizet registered the brand and set about developing the business.

A cultured and influential individual, he succeeded in shipping his cognacs around the world.

He worked incessantly to create the highest quality cognacs and played a part in the creation of the Appellation in 1909. He also won many prizes for his cognacs, notably at the Universal Exhibitions of 1878 & 1900.

Three keys to success:

"Be sincere.

Believe in your ideas.

Have an excellent Cognac."

—Benjamin Léon Croizet,
30th April 1880



In 1883, the vast majority of the Cognac vineyards were ravaged by the disease Phylloxera.B. Léon Croizet refused to let his estate die away.

Instead, he planted experimental vines from America. In order to protect them, he built stone walls around certain small vineyards.

His techniques were adopted by many vineyards owners and this helped to replant the vineyards of Cognac.

In recognition of his work, B. Léon Croizet was awarded in 1883 the Légion d’Honneur by the French President for saving the Cognac Industry.

légion d'honneur décernée
à b. Léon Croizet en 1883

XXe century


Successive generations have maintained the impeccable quality of Croizet cognacs and developed the brand throughout the world.

During Léonie Croizet's marriage in 1892, a collection of cognacs of inestimable value became part of the company's heritage.

Thanks to its heritage, Croizet is one of only three producers who have perpetually kept their vintage Cognac License even after the great ban in 1963.

Croizet Distributed by Seagram in New York in 1939

"To live the dream ...

For ever."

Appreciated by the global elite throughout its 210+ year history, including Russian Emperors, passengers on the fateful maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912, Winston Churchill and General Dwight D. Eisenhower. This Croizet legacy continues today.

Croizet continuous to win gold medals internationally, most recently in 2017 and 2019. There are special cognacs that have not changed for over a century (cognac does not change once bottled). They are reserved for luxury blends, in particular for the 1883 Légion d'Honneur bottle and the 1889 Exposition Universelle.

You can taste the same VSOP and XO that the people who tested them over 100 years ago.



Cognac Croizet, still based in St Même les Carrières, is looking to the future and is about to write a new chapter in its long and illustrious History. The original family has decided to entrust the future of the Company to new owners in the hope that they too will live true to the founders dream. Dynamism and innovation are now joining forces with the values that have always chartered the course of this historic brand.

The founder's spirit of excellence and quality continues to drive the company forward.